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Implication of gene distribution in the bacterial chromosome for the bacterial cell factory
J Biotechnol. 2000 Mar 31;78(3):209-19
E.P. Rocha, P. Guerdoux-Jamet, I. Moszer, A. Viari, A. Danchin

As bacterial genome sequences accumulate, more and more pieces of data suggest that there is a significant correlation between the distribution of genes along the chromosome and the physical architecture of the cell, suggesting that the map of the cell is in the chromosome. Considering sequences and experimental data indicative of cell compartmentalisation, mRNA folding and turnover, as well as known structural features of protein and membrane complexes, we show that preliminary in silico analysis of whole genome sequences strongly substantiates this hypothesis. If there is a correlation between the genome sequence and the cell architecture, it must derive from some selection pressure in the organisms growing in the wild. As a consequence, the underlying constraints should be optimised in genetically modified organisms if one is to expect high product yields. Consequences in terms of gene expression for biotechnology are straightforward: knocking genes out and in genomes should not be randomly performed, but should follow the rules of chromosome organisation.

PMID: 10751682

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