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The Helix group carries out research activities in bioinformatics, with the objective to help biologists turning experimental data into biological knowledge. The emphasis is put on comparative genomics and evolutionary biology.

The group designs and applies original algorithms on bioinformatics objects, such as DNA and protein sequences, but also phylogenic trees, and graphs which formalize gene interaction networks or metabolic pathways.

One of the founding principles of the overall approach of the Helix group is that every object of interest has to be explicitely represented and described, together with its retations to other objects. The group is thus performing an important activity in knowledge representation, more specifically on entity-relationship UML-like models.

The Helix website presents the recent activities and results of the research group. Activity reports of 2000, 2001, 2002 are available in French and 2003 in English.

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Comparative genomics
Evolutionary biology
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