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Qualitative simulation of the initiation of sporulation in B. subtilis.
Recueil des Actes des Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques, JOBIM 2001, L. Duret, C. Gaspin, T. Schiex (eds), Toulouse, 187-194, 2001.
H. de Jong, J. Geiselmann, C. Hernandez, M. Page
The modeling and simulation of regulatory systems are hampered by the size and complexity of regulatory networks and the absence of quantitative informations on regulatory interactions. In response to these problems, we have developed a method for the qualitative simulation of large and complex genetic regulatory networks. The method is here presented in the context of its application to a regulatory network of biological interest, namely the genes and interactions regulating the initiation of sporulation in B. subtilis. Simulations with a model of this network reveal that the salient features of sporulation initiation are reproduced, but that an additional interaction, hypothesized in the literature before, may be involved.
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