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Discrimination of semi-quantitative models by experiment selection: Method and application in population biology.
Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning, QR-01, G. Biswas, San Antonio, TX, 121-127, 2001.
I. Vatcheva, O. Bernard, H. de Jong, J.-L. Gouzé, N. Mars.
Modeling an experimental system often results in a number of alternative models that are justified equally well by the experimental data. In order to discriminate between these models, additional experiments are needed. We present a method for the discrimination of models in the form of semi-quantitative differential equations. The method is based on an entropy criterion for the selection of the most informative experiment. The applicability of the method is demonstrated on a real-life example, the discrimination of a set of competing models of the growth of phytoplankton in a bioreactor.
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