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Bases of motifs for generating repeated patterns with don't cares
Internal Report University of Pisa, TR-03-02, January 24th, 2003
N. Pisanti, M, Crochemore, R. Grossi, M.-F. Sagot
Identifying repetitive patterns in strings (sequences) is a computationally-demanding task on the large data sets available in computational biology, data mining, textual document processing, system security, and other areas. We consider patterns with don't cares in a given string s of n symbols drawn over an alphabet Sigma. The don't care is a special symbol "*" matching any symbol of Sigma; for example, pattern T*E matches both TTE and TEE inside s = COMMITTEE. (Note that a pattern cannot have a don't care at the beginning or at the end, as this is not considered informative.) Contrarily to string matching with don't cares, the pattern T*E is not given in advance for searching s. Instead, the patterns with don't cares appearing repeated in s are unknown and, as such, have to be discovered and extracted by processing s efficiently. In our example, T*E and M**T*E are among the patterns appearing repeated in COMMITTEE. In this paper we focus on the patterns called motifs, which appear at least q times in s for an input parameter q >= 2 called the quorum.
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