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Pr. Chuan-Hsiung Chang: Comparative Computing for Genome Design
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005, 11am

Montbonnot (Grenoble), INRIA Rhône-Alpes, room A104


The availability of the tremendous amount of whole genome sequences has no doubt opened up new avenues for genome-wide innovative genome design and efficient synthetic biology research. As the number of available genome sequences increases, comparative bioinformatics analysis becomes more and more instructive. However, such an analysis is difficult to carry out without a suitable platform gathering not only curated annotation results using standardized computational methods but also key relevant information obtained by applying carefully designed bioinformatics methods.

Our group is interested in studying the architectural structures of the various genomes by many novel methods used to characterize genome structure in natural living cells and investigating their use in genome design and engineering. To aid this kind of comparative genome analysis, we have developed efficient gene identification and functional annotation pipeline and also constructed tools that can plot numerous measures for all positions in a long DNA sequence and do multiple whole genome comparisons. Specific tools are available and will also be continuously developed for the graphical visualization of the results, including a multi-genome browser for displaying dynamic pictures with clickable objects and for viewing relationships of precomputed similarity. In this talk, I would like to present a package of integrated comparative analysis platform (iCAP; for comparing various genomes from sequence level to pathway level and use locally sequenced bacterial species as examples to present some of the discovered features for genome design.

Chuan-Hsiung Chang

Assistant Professor and Director of Bioinformatics Program

Institute of Bioinformatics, National Yang-Ming University

Taipei, Taiwan 11221, R.O.C. (Email:

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