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Update of NuReBase: nuclear hormone receptor functional genomics
Nucleic Acids Res., 32, D165-167
D. Ruau, J. Duarte, T. Ourjdal, G. Perrière, V. Laudet, M. Robinson-Rechavi


Nuclear hormone receptors are an abundant class of ligand-activated transcriptional regulators, found in varying numbers in all animals. Based on our experience of managing the official nomenclature of nuclear receptors, we have developed NUREBASE, a database containing protein and DNA sequences, reviewed protein alignments and phylogenies, taxonomy and annotations for all nuclear receptors. New developments in NUREBASE include explicit declaration of alternative transcripts of each gene, and expression data for human and mouse nuclear receptors. The core of NUREBASE is reviewed, and it is completed by NUREBASE_DAILY, automatically updated every 24 h. All information on accessing and installing NUREBASE may be found at

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