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The European ribosomal RNA database
Nucleic Acids Res., 32, D101-103
J. Wuyts, G. Perrière, Y. Van de Peer


The European ribosomal RNA database aims to compile all complete or nearly complete ribosomal RNA sequences from both the small (SSU) and large (LSU) ribosomal subunits. All sequences are available in aligned format. Sequence alignment is based on the secondary structure of the molecules, as determined by comparative sequence analysis. Additional information about the sequences, such as taxonomic classification of the organism from which they have been obtained, and literature references are also provided. In order to identify the closest relatives to newly determined sequences, BLAST searches can be performed, after which the best matching sequences are aligned and a phylogenetic tree is inferred. As of 2003, the European ribosomal RNA database is maintained at Ghent University (Belgium). The database can be consulted at

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