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Aim of research
Modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory networks

The aim of our research is to develop methods for the modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory networks that are capable of dealing with the current lack of detailed, quantitative data (see Methods for modeling and simulation). In particular, these methods should be based on coarse-grained models that, while abstracting from the precise molecular mechanisms involved, capture essential aspects of gene regulation. Moreover, they should allow the dynamics of genetic regulatory systems to be analyzed in a qualitative way. The methods will be implemented in user-friendly computer tools and applied to the analysis of actual regulatory networks in collaboration with experimental biologists.


H. de Jong, J. Geiselmann, D. Thieffry (2003), Qualitative modelling and simulation of developmental regulatory networks, S. Kumar, P.J. Bentley (eds), On Growth, Form, and Computers, Academic Press, London, 109-134.

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Aim of research
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