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Perrière, Guy
A phylogenomic approach to bacterial phylogeny : evidence for a core of genes sharing common history
  V. Daubin, M. Gouy, G. Perrière  
  Genome Res., 2002, 12(7), 1080-1090  
  G+C heterogeneity along bacterial genomes : evolutionary implications and consequences for lateral gene transfer detection
  G. Perrière  
  38th Meeting of the Polish Biochemical Society, Wroclaw, 18-22 septembre 2002  
  A phylogenetic approach using supertrees to reconstruct prokaryotic history
  V. Daubin, M. Gouy, G. Perrière  
  Editors L. Duret, C. Gaspin, T. Schiex., In « Recueil des Actes des Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques, JOBIM 2001 », pp. 3-9, Toulouse (FR) , 2001.  
  Use of Correspondence Discriminant Analysis to predict the subcellular location of bacterial proteins.
  G. Perrière, J. Thioulouse  
  In « Computational Methods and Programs in Biomedecine », 2001.  
  Intragenomic base content variation is a potential source of biases when searching for horizontally transferred genes
  S. Guidon, G. Perrière  
  In « Molecular Biology and Evolution », n° 9, vol. 18, 2001, pp. 1838-1840.  
Use of correspondence discriminant analysis to predict the subcellular location of bacterial proteins
  G. Perrière, J. Thioulouse  
  Comput Methods Programs Biomed. 2003 Feb. 70(2):99-105  
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