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How to get GenoStar, the bioinformatics platform for exploratory genomics?
By acquiring the Iogma environment developped and distributed by the Genostar company!
GenoStar version 2 update
Download the associated patch from the GenoStar website
The article describing GNA among the most-frequently accessed papers in the journal Bioinformatics in the last 5 years
For a description of Genetic Network Analyzer, see above
Release of GNA 5.5
The new version of Genetic Network Analyzer is available, offering an integrated model editor and advanced features for the display of simulation results
How to get GNA (Genetic Network Analyser)?
A computer tool for the modeling and simulation of genetic regulatory networks
How to get GenoStar 2.0?
An integrated and extensible bioinformatics platform for exploratory genomics
GenoStar version 2.0
The third version of GenoStar is available.
How to get GEB (GenoExpertBacteria)?
Exploration of bacterial genomic, proteic and functional data
How to get GenoStar?
Integrated bioinformatics platform for exploratory genomics
Evaluate and contribute to ISee, our In Silico biology e-learning environment
ISee can be freely downloaded
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