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Rhône-Alpes Genopole
From genes to understanding the complexity of life

Rhône-Alpes Genopole is a node of the Genopole network in France, a network of genomic centers without walls which aims to:

-  strengthen research in genomics through large-scale scientific projects;
-  develop programs of excellence in education and research;
-  support structured projects of economic development generated from technology transfer of public research.

The economic development of Rhône-Alpes Genopole is conducted by the foundation Rhône-Alpes Futur.

Rhône-Alpes Genopole provides a coherent chain of facilities merging three main programmes:
-  exploratory genomics and bioinformatics,
-  structural proteomics and the future National Resource Centre in Proteomics and Structural Genomics,
-  functional exploration of genes based on Animage, a small laboratory animal multimodal imaging facility.

The Helix research group is involved in the first two programmes.

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